About MeEdit

General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue / gray
Birthday: 26th of December
Height: About 5'5"
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Mimi, Mimilientje
Family & Friends
Family: Mom, dad & brother
Relationships: None
Friends: Janine, Ilja, Sonja, Megan, Li Chen &


Pet(s): One guinea pig called Bruintje
Enemies: Justin Bieber, Jenna Ushkowitz, Zac Efron,maths & Jill (you do'nt know her)
Other Informations
Reading, listening to music, watching Glee, talking (sometimes too much, magazines
Clique: MIFS :)
Education: Primary school, secondary school (not

finished yet)

Talent: Probably some
Vulnerabilities: Probably some
Strengths: Probably some
Weaknesses: Probably some
Series Information
First appearance: 26th of december 1997
Last appearance: When I'm dead
Portrayer: Someone... Probably Me.
xMimiii's real name is Milou, she's 13 years old and she's from Holland, probably the only one here. People say she's a English hero. Maybe. She likes a lot of stuff and if you don't feel like reading you should quit reading this page now because she can talk for hours.


I started a fanfic @Gleewiki. You could check it out sometime.

Chapter 1;

Chapter 2;

Chapter 3;

Chapter 4;

My friends @ Glee Users wiki :) Edit

1258375255 pedobear

Everybody loves PEDOBEARRR <333 He's under your bed :)

  • Star9999
  • Quinn Dianna gleek
  • Xxx-fabienne-xxx-puck
  • Ms. Artie Abrams
  • Dr. Stinky
  • Gleefinchelbartie
  • Mr.Santana Lopez
  • Kira is a gleek
  • Gablexa2103


  • Loves Italian food
  • A big fan of Lady GaGa
  • Is a cookie monster
  • Collects badges at Glee Wiki
  • Follows Glee with downloads, so she usually is at the same episode as America. This contents of the speed from the people who make the subs.
  • BFF's are Sonja, Fabiënne & Ilja
  • Made a one-time magazine about Glee, Total Gleek
  • Fave colour is purple
  • Loves the trend to wear one big earring
  • Is very active at Twitter
  • Has two Twitter accounts: one personal, one for nice / inspiring texts
  • Is anti-Bieber
  • Hates Zac Efron
  • Thinks Tina Cohen-Chang is a stupid character, same for the actress, Jenna Ushkowitz
  • Makes up weird nicknames for people she hates
    Tumblr lfiluwPYGm1qe543ko1 500


  • Thinks it's unfair that her dad has a iPhone and she doesn't
  • Is saving money for a HTC Wildfire
  • Checks beautyblogs everyday
  • Thinks gay people should be respected
  • Loves the Twilight books and movies and red all the books
  • Thinks Elmo is cool
  • Is addicted to Lipsmackers (only has the Coca Cola vanilla but wants more) (Specially the coookie dough! And pink sugar vanilla and and and...)
  • Thinks Sue Sylvester is genius and agrees with her theories about Will's hair
  • Loves The Annoying Orange
  • Wants to go to America & Japan
  • Doesn't has a religion
  • Thinks Swiper the Fox from Dora is an idiot
  • Thinks oranges have feelings too
  • Only uses make-up that's not tested on animals
  • Makes up stories in her head
  • Thinks brunettes are brilliant
  • Can't open a lollypop package (especially Chup-a-Chup)
    1285703827 5 XYJo

    Finger-art 8D

  • Loves nail-art
  • Reads Cosmo Girl!
  • Thinks it's weird that Squidward from Spongebob has no ears and his house does
  • Thinks it's weird that there's a sea in Bikini Bottom while they live in a sea
  • Favorite phrase is Be yourself
  • Loves the carnival and goes there with her friends every year
  • Hates how her hair gets ruined by the wind
1185503382 5 Lja2
  • Loves rainbows (just like Marshmallow <3)
  • Hates the coopertest because of the running part
  • Pushes the button of a stoplight as much as possible in the hope it goes green faster
  • Thinks this stone (Taco) can have more fans than Justin Bieber! >> same for a banana.
  • Loves Perry from Phineas & Ferb
  • Her braces go out in summer
  • Sends protestmails to stop testing on animals
  • Is Team JACOB in Twilight. <3
  • Says Friday the 13ths are her lucky days (good stuff happens!)
  • When someone asks her why, she says BECAUSE IT'S POSSIBLE. People get annoyed by that.
  • Wants to meet the glee-cast really bad
  • Has a little (really, I swear, just a little) crush on Kevin McHale
  • Thinks Lindsay should win The Glee Project
  • Is a fanatic member of the glee roleplay wiki
  • Is an active member at; you can check her make-overs at the user page from magicmimi
  • Is a HARDCORE Brittana shipper
  • Owns an RP-account on Facebook;

Couples She ShipsEdit

If you want one steal it or ask me >:)



Best Brittana Vids ♥ thumb|300px|left

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