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This page is for Ms. Artie Abrams' Twitter roleplay. Follow the people or claim a character is comments.


  1. Ms. Artie Abrams (creator)
  2. Artieandtinaforeva
  3. GleeGirl



Mercedes Jones--

Rachel B. Berry-- Quinn Dianna Gleek (@Rach_Berry_xxx)

Quinn C. Fabray-- GleeGirl (@SaintQuinnFab)

Tina Cohen-Chang-- Finachel (@tinaglee44)

Brittany S. Pierce-- Ms. Artie Abrams (@SmexxiMonster)

Santana Lopez-- Glee+me+Kurt=love (@TopBitchSanny)


Noah "Puck" Puckerman-- Bleghh!!! (@Puckosaurus17)

Finn Hudson-- Mr. Santana Lopez (@shark_finn_5)

Arthur "Artie" Abrams--

Kurt E. Hummel-- Artieandtinaforeva (@KurtEHummell)

Mike Chang--

Sam Evans--

Why YOU Should JoinEdit

We have girls-a-plenty, but our characters are missing one important thing: boyfriends. It's really simple. Just Tweet as your character! No spefic time, no hassle. To join, just claim a character. Wait until me (Ms. A), GleeGirl, or Artieandtinaforeva tells you to create your account.

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