PICTURES,USERS,AND PAGES. THE PUP PROJECT This WIKI NEEDS PICTURES, USERS, AND PAGES. So the admins on this wiki are starting this PUP project: Pictures,Users, and pages.Anyone who helps the PUP project will get badges for donating to the wiki! Here are ways you can contribute and possibly get a badge for the PUP project:

  • Add pictures! Pictures are always needed and a good suprise.
  • Invite Friends from the Glee Wiki! Since all of us are on the Glee Wiki, get people from there to come here. Or invite friends to BOTH wikis!
  • Add pages! Make a page about yourself, make a page of your artwork or a story about your marriage with your glee spouse! More pages= more chances to help PUP!
  • Talk to people! Talk to people can help out the Pup project!
  • Invite people from any other wiki to the Glee Wiki then to here!
  • Add Blogs! Blogs never hurt no one! Tell people about your day, talk about your favorite glee episode!
  • Comment! Tell someone that you love their user page! Feel free to show everyone your opinion.

How do get badges: You can recieve badges by edditing, adding pictures ,putting categories onto pages, and just socializing on the wiki! You will be informed when you have recieved a badge. A bronze badge equals 10 points, a silver badge equals 50, and a gold equals 100, and a platinum equals 250. The more points you earn, the higher you are ranked on the wiki.

Special PUP Awards Special PUP awards are for users who have achieved great goals in the PUP project. The awards you can receive are:


To apply for a Special PUP award, contact any admin. You can only apply for each award once, so keep in mind that if you don't qualify for the award when you apply, you cannot apply again.