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Michelle groaned as she heard Angel and Rosalie squealing. She really loved her sisters but sometimes they were too much. She got dressed into her McKinley High cheerleading uniform. She put her hair into a ponytail.She really hated this..She was related to Quinn Fabray.People said she was the bitchy verison of Quinn. She just shook it off. As she passed Angel's room. She had it!


Rosalie: NO. Why are you dressed in that?

Angel: We were squealing about Rosalie's date with Emmett.

Michelle: Like I give a fu---

Amelia: LANGUAGE,Chelly.

Meaghann: Yeah Language.

Michelle rolled her eyes.

Angel: I'm really bored today,and it's Sunday.

Meaghann: Idk about you guys but I'm iming David who is now in France.

Amelia: MMKAY.

Quinn: Hey guys

ALL: Hey Quinny.

Quinn: OOH what are you guys talking about? -pushing Michelle of the bed-

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