Hey Guys it's Camille so I was inspired by the Sauls Family and here is the Fabray Family. You can sign your name if you would like to be part of it.

The Fabray Family :)Edit


Hayley Simmons


Quinn Fabray

Michelle Santana Fabray: 17. Junior at McKinley High. She's a cheerleader. She's dating Damian McGinty. She's nice but she can be a bitch at time and when she needs to. She is 17. ILoveGlee

Heather h

This is what Amelia will look like

Rosalie naya fabray

Rosalie Naya Fabray

Amelia Fabray: Amelia is a cheerleader.She is 17. She has black hair and tanned skin, she loves singing, dancing and being creative. She has quirky style and is popular at school (as a cheerio) She looks exactly like Heather Hemmens who if you look is in that photograph there-she loves jewellery, denim jackets and cute dresses. She is dating Matt Barr, she is Quam1992.

Meaghann Fabray: Meaghann is 17 years old like the rest. She is dating David Henrie(Search him up) People say she looks a lot like Selena Gomez but has these beautiful blue eyes that are just "Oceany". Everyone but Michelle envies her because of her "Oceany" eyes. And because she's a nice caring person. When she is not in her uniform she has a skirt and a tank top. She is portrayed by QuinnQuinn

Rosalie Naya Fabray: 17. A lot of people say she looks exactly like that Twilight girl. She's a cheerleader(duh) She's dating Emmett Cullen. She also has the same personality as that Twilight girl. Played by Pucktana88.

Angel-Cora Fabray, sixteen years old and is closest to her sister Rosalie Naya Fabray. Cheerleader and loves to read supernatural things. Her favourite colour is electric blue and loves to style her hair in different ways. Cora90.

Camilla Fabray: Nice mom. Single. She is a loyal and cool mommy.

Meaghann Fabray

But she has got an eye on the principal Noah. But when she finds out her sister, Dianna is dating him. Well you'll just have to wait and see.

Other People!!!Edit

Damian McGinty: 17. Loves Michelle. Girls love him but he is taken, He treats his girl right. He is planning to propose to her after senior graduation. They have been together for 5 years. His favorite color is blue. Is A football player

David Henrie: David is a lying cheat who always cheats on Meaghann with Hayley. But deep down loves Meaghann. 17. He gets nervous around Meaghann. Calls Meaghann. Meggie, Football player

Emmet Cullen: Emmett is a sweetie. Always looking out for Rosalie. Loves her so much. People say he looks like that boy from Twilight. Football player.

Matt Barr:Dating Amelia and loves her. Basketball player.

Hayley Simmons: Makes out with all the guys. Has no friends. But doesn't care cuz she has David. They always hook up. Bit of an airhead.

Noah Puckerman: Dating Dianna but loves Camilla

Dianna Agron

Camilla Fabray/MOM

Emmett cullen

Rosalie's boyfriend, Emmett Cullen


Michelle's Boyfriend,Damian

Matt n heather

Amelia and her boyfriend Matt Barr

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