Hey Gleeks!

Im Taylor, and im just your ordinary gleek who is costantly drooling over the gorgeous cast, and keeping her face glued to the tv screen everytime glee is on!! But arent we all??

I love glee so much it brings me to tears ! I always wish hard that one day i'll be apart of this global tv sensation! But then.. what would Ryan Murphy see in a girl like me?

Im not as pretty as Dianna Agron or Naya Rivera. I cant sing as well as Lea Michele or Amber Riley. But my dance moves would definately resemble those of Cory Monteiths! And this, puts me in one heck of a dillema..

I guess sometimes when you want something a little too badly, it proves itself pretty much impossible...

My closest chance to being able to work even near them, would be to become a costume designer! Which is obviously my area of intrest.. I just wish i could have a chance to work on the show... much like us all!!

But im only 14.. Most of the cast are between the ages 21 to 35?? I would have to wait for years to even have a chance to work even close to them!!! And thats a slim chance! Im sure by then the show will be surely over and done!... how depressing and disapointing this all is....

Well anyway. even though i have no chance at all to be apart of the show.. at least we can all share our thoughts about the show!! Im sure theres someone out there who feels the same ways as i do about Glee...

Im sure of it !

This is Taylor The Gleek signing out ;)

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