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Finchel is Awesome

beiSwimmingGleek is an active user on the Glee Wiki. She is extremely pissed off because her entire page just got deleted when she was trying to upload a picture. She is 13 and lives in the USA. She is a HUGE Finchel Shipper and loves Rachel Berry

Random TriviaEdit

-Her favorite word is potatoes

-Her favorite color is purple

-She plays the Flute

-Her school band is playing Don't Stop Believing Glee Version for the Spring Conert. Everytime they practice, she starts tearing up.

-She loves dogs

-She is lame

-She is constantly bullied

-She is a geek and very smart

-When asked to generalize the American population, she responds with "Fat and Obnoxious"

-She loves Theatre even though she is tone-deaf

-Her friend calls her a Gleetard when she doesn't shut up about Finchel

-She is known to rant about Glee at lunch.

-She loves to swim, hence the name SwimmingGleek

-She makes these awesome bracelets that she will upload when she can

-Wants to be a Director when she grows up. Like Ryan Murphy, but without the trolling aspect.

-She is Jewish like Dianna Agron which is uber-awesome

-Lea Michele is her role model

Glee FavoritesEdit

Favorite Female Character:

Rachel Berry

Favorite Male Character:

Kurt Hummel

Favorite Shipping:


Favorite Group Song:


Favorite Duet:

Take Me or Leave Me

Favorite Female Solo:

The Only Execption

Favorite Male Solo:

Sweet Caroline

Favorite Episode:

Journey, Silly Love Songs, or Power of Madonna




quinn dianna gleek








Due to the fact that I suck, I obviously forgot people. If I forgot you, tell me in the comment section




-My School

-My knees (I actually hate them. Their names are Fred and George)


-Evil Computers

Favorite Broadways Shows/SoundtracksEdit

-Wicked (I haven't seen it, but I love the music)

-Les Miserables (Epic, I have a funny story about that.)

-Hairspray (First show I saw, amazing)

-Mamma Mia (I love Abba, and this show was great)

-Bye Bye Birdie (This was amazing, especially since John Stamos was in it. And I wrote my own song about seeing it)

-PeeWee Herman (It was on Broadway. And I quote it)

-Spring Awakening (This was big when I was like 7, so I obviously didn't see it. But I listen to the music compulsivley)

My BraceletsEdit

So I make these bracelets. As I finish them, I will upload pictures.

Zig Zag Bracelet

Zig Zag

Random Bracelet

Random Color Splotches.

see my friend's site:

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