General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Formerly Blue, now Green
Birthday: December 29 1992
Weight: 53
Occupation(s): Student, Canteen-worker
Aliases: S-7, Daniel, Richard, Station
Family & Friends
Friends: On school
Pet(s): Formerly goldfishes
Enemies: old boys from school
Other Informations
Computers, Wikis editing, clean up articles
Education: Private School
Talent: Computers, cleaning up things
Vulnerabilities: Bullies
Strengths: Computer, cleaning up things
Weaknesses: Scared for things (not worse things)

Station7 is a fan of Glee. He also loves Prison Break, 24 and Lost. He has also Autism. He has a job, a job where he has a secret (can't tell, I'm sorry). He's on FaceBook and Twitter. I love the Red Knight, a Belgium comic.


  • Station7 has the following colllections complete:
    • The Red Knight comics (from 1-231)
    • 24 (season 1-8)
    • Lost (season 1-6)
    • Prison Break (season 1-4 + movie)
KieferSutherland JackBauerAction 24Season8

Jack Bauer in action during Day 8 of 24 (following Dana Walsh on street)


The sixth season 6 of Lost

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