Star Sauls
General Information
Gender: female
Age: 13
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Birthday: 15/12/97
Height: 5"3
Weight: n/a
Occupation(s): student
Family & Friends
Gaby Sauls (couson)

Luna Sauls (cousin)
Katie Sauls (cousin)
Anna Sauls (cousin)
Tshering "Ikki" Sauls (cousin)
Roxy Sauls (cousin)
Trevor Sauls (Uncle)
Buffy Celeste Sauls (aunt)
Poof (mom)
Denise (aunt)

Series Information
First appearance: Abuse of Evil
Portrayer: Star9999

Star Sauls is a character in Ms. Artie Abrams' fanfic.


Star makes her first appearence in chapter four. She tries to calm the family fight down, but to no avail.


Star is the nice cousin and hates confrontation. She tries her best not let her family fight. She's closest to her cousin, Gaby.

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