hey im SkySplitz but you can call me Jen I LOVE GLEE because it helped me except who I am. my OTP is Fabrevans but I also ship Finchel Brittana Klaine tike my crack OTP is faberry.


I love these two.



  • Littlemissbrittany888
  • ILoveGlee
  • DocMD
  • Tamarababy16
  • QuinnQuinn
  • ImAKlainer
  • Brittana Glee
  • BeatlesGleeFan
  • KidsLoveMe
  • Gablexa2031
  • Hrsefinatic101
  • IShipQuick
  • Glee Rocks!
  • Maxymax123
  • EverydayISeeMyDream
  • Gliebe
  • Mr.Oboe77
  • LiveOutLoud
  • FinchelFreak
  • Brittana4ever
  • Gleelova
  • BerryGirl
  • TinaCC
  • Trae209
  • NayaMitchell
  • Kurt's Boy 86
  • Santittany4eva
  • Camsay
  • Just a Lucky Person
  • SamEvans
  • DoubleDdog
  • IceBerry
  • LoveYouLikeCrazy

I know what your thinking I have heaps of friends. Add yourself in if I forgot you :)

thanks for visiting my page and leave a message on my talk page I dont bite :)

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