I am Janet Look i am 13 years old and i have boyfriend named Mick Johnson he is 15 and he has blonde hair, tan, funny, hot, strong and awesome. I am friends with Finachel. I can sing, play keyboard, dance and act. I am pen pals with Mark Salling. I hope to be your friend!

My Fave Characters

  1. Rachel Berry
  2. Noah Puckerman
  3. Brittany S. Pierce
  4. William Schuester
  5. Emma Pillsbury- Howell

My fave couplesEdit

1. Puck/Rachel


2. Brittany/Santana

3. Blaine/Kurt

4. Finn/Quinn

5. Emma/Will

My least fave couplesEdit

1. Finn/Rachel

2. Jesse/Rachel
Finchel 1

3. Quinn/Sam

4. Terri/Will

5. Carl/Emma

Gleek Alert!Edit

I am a total Gleek! I hav
e ALMOST all of the music from season all the eps from season 1. Seen every ep loved each one expect acafellas. I have a Gleek book 1 small posters and 2 big one. I am on Glee wiki with Finachel alot.

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