Hello fellow Glee Wiki Users. This page is for people who are really depressed, and just need to tell people. Please let this be a serious page, and please no vandalism. Put your username below, date your log, and just let all of your feelings and sadness out. Please don't mention other users on the wiki. Please respect everyone's log.

This is a place where you can let it all out and other users will give you a shoulder to cry on.

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It's okay to cry,Edit

Its okay to cryEdit

Its okay to cryEdit




April 11th, 2011: I really liked this guy, but he's straight. I am slowly getting over him, but it's too hard. When I first found out that he didn't like me,I felt like there was no reason to live anymore. I regret this thought, but i thought it at the time. I called Trevor Project, and they told me to think of my 3 best friends. I contacted one of these friends, and she told me she doesnt want to hear about the guy I like (she knows I like him and such) and ignored me. This made me think worse and worse thought- and the only people that didn't ignore me were my friend J and my ex-girlfriend. I made up with everyone, but our relationship will be scarred forever. Today was the worst. My ex-girlfriend and this guy hooked up. I feel like now everything is just turning against me, and nothing will ever be right.

April 13th, 2011: So the two friends that knew my secret made gay jokes around me. I could handle a few, but then it got offensive. So I pulled a rachel berry move and stood up and left. One of the friends(guy above) asked me if I was upset, and i said, in a very angry voice, No. At the end of the day, he said goodbye. ARGH.


April 11, 2011 - Okay so I'm not depressed but I've been going through some tough stuff (yay for rhymes) and I've got a doomsday phobia which sucks.

May 31, 2011 - My brother has autism and every day I watch my mom pick him up from school. He has no friends. It's so sad to see. And it's not that much better for me. I have friends, but I'm not popular, and in a bunch of my classes I have to work alone because no one wants to be my partner.


So this happended a long time ago. But it's hard to get over it.

My friends talked about me behind my back.

One says she doesn't like my ethenicy. (i was told by a another friend) I confront her. She is crying. She talks about me. Says im annoying. But really im just myself. She once called these nice boys that are so nice to her. (they have a crush on her) gay. I feel so sorry for them. Then the boys still don't know and they give her food every day. Ugh and I have to go another year with this person. UGH She's such a two faced ugly HORRIBLE PERSON.

<33. Ok so here goess: Camilla..yeah ILG Iloveglee Cam..Cammie..Caaaammm yeah her...She's bi. BTW this Camilla lol. Uhm yes I am bisexual. I found out when I had a crush on my bestie, my friend who understands meh. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME IF I TELL EM..I.NEED.HELP


I am young. I get that. I shouldn't understand how it feels to be depressed, or be sad, or to be tortured. But I do. I hang around at school with a group of girls that make me feel horrible about myself. I am constantly "annoying them" and they always make me the third wheel. I am the one to be told things last, or not at all. I have to scream, or act like a freak to get attention. It is painful. Nobody will talk to me, and that hurts. I have a major crush on this guy. It was so major to the point where I couldn't talk to him normally anymore. I regret this, but I started ridiculing him. I tried making him feel so bad because I wanted somebody to feel like I did. It was also the only way to try and talk to him without acting like "a freak". I tried apologising, but I can never get the words out, and I am afraid he will remember me as the freak who was a bully to him. Nobody understands.I tried telling my friends, but they all laugh at me like my depression is a joke. Everyone at school whispers when I walk by them. They call me depressed, emo, and self harmful. I mean, I can hear you! This added up to my decision to become self mute. I only talk when I have to, or over the internet. I cover myself up in knee-high socks, long skirts, and a jacket so that nobody will actually see me. I think of my awful behavior as a defense mechanism, so that nobody will get close enough to hurt me. The song of my life=Turning Tables. I found out the guy I like hates me. And I keep hearing my name everywhere I go, and I get weird stares. It's killing me, and the bullying gets worse. I have had suicidal thoughts, and I don't know what to do or who to contact. I need help.BforBerryTalkContributions 00:13, May 20, 2011 (UTC)


I hate it so much when people say that "glee is gay" or "glee is stupid" or "glee sucks" because I love that show so much and it really helped me love myself for who I am. And my mom got sick a few months ago and i always blame her and yell at her for everything when it is my fault, I mean she is raising me and my sister by herself because my dad died of lung cancer and I am scarred that if I lose her I don't know what to do, I would have nothing to live for. Also, at school I am very smart but like Glee is really impacting me in good and bad ways, I am hardly paying attention anymore because I am to busy thinking about the spoilers and I am getting really worried because tomorrow or Wed. i will find out if I passed my EOG or not and you need a 3 or 4 to pass and last year I got all 4s in reading, math and science but I kinda daydreamed about glee during the reading EOG but half of me is asking "what if i don't pass" and the other is "I know I passed this test". Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. 22:38, May 16, 2011 (UTC) Well, Good news is that I did great on my EOGs, but I really dislike my friends right now. I don't think jugdement day is really going to happen, but people are starting to freak me out and stuff. So I said jockingly that I wonder if they have TV in heaven so I can watch the season finale of glee and she was like, you proably couln't watch glee because it has gay people in. She is not a homophobe but I am starting to think everyone in my school is. I am really mad now. Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. 22:17, May 18, 2011 (UTC) I hate my life.....alot. My dad died when I was five, 7 YEARS AGO and I'm still not over all. And I am just sooo angry and sad and I lash out at my mom because of it. I was listening to a conversation with between my Mom and Grandma and she said he didn't want treatment because he didn't want to put me, my sister and my mom through alot.....well does he know what he put me through.....him dying, leaving, I remember everything from that night we stayed over at the hospital and my mom running to the nurses early in the morning saying he's not breathing to the funeral when we place a red heart with a picture of me and my sister in his going back to school....I REMEMBER EVERYTHING. I might of wanted a dad to walk me down the asile when I get married, screw that, I need my dad right hold me and tell me that everything will be alright. And I cry everynight because he can never come back, no matter how many times I pray and wish.....he'll never come back. Glee is the only thing that makes me happy.... Gleek170 23:27, June 17, 2011 (UTC)


I sometimes feel like Keira, the person people talk to and then abandon, I have close friends but just because I'm not that popular one of my friends is kind of a bitch to me. During lessons she will be nice to me, but then she abandons me and the rest of my friends and goes of with other people. The annoying thing is, is that after she abandons us she expects us to be nice to her and make her feel happy, when all she has done is upset us. I don't think I can call her my friend anymore. Because I'm not very popular and don't have many friends, people think that I'm not worth very much and they can get away with calling me whatever the hell they like because I apparentely don't have any feelings. But I'm a person. I do have feelings. --Finchel. I don't have to say anymore. 17:52, May 19, 2011 (UTC)


I'm one of the girls who people say they're my friends but they're really just back-stabbers. Most of my friends right now are slagging me. At my sleepover for my birthday, they put tomato sauce in my hair which nearly stained my hair and they call me Little Red Riding Hair. I know it's just a joke but I take things personally. I want to just drop them as my friends and hang around with the other girls in my class but 1) I won't have anyone to sit with or talk to or walk home with 2) the other girls are so like bitchy because they had sex when they were 13. I keep telling them to stop but they won't. I seriously met a guy to just hang around with the others but they were already on the next step and my other friends still thought I was a freak. I wish they would just stop it. I learned to live half alive.


i just learned that my best friend is just using me for my intelligence (i live in mexico and know english so thats why everybody says that) . then this girl used to be friends with a girl that everyone hated , and they stopped being friends bc the girl who everyone hates manipulates her and she was her only friend .so now that she is with us , everybody suspects my best friend is also using her . i wanted to cry in class (well , it wasnt exactly class bc the teacher was not there) , and went all rachel berry and writed a random song while trying not to cry . and then that girl who recently entered our friendship group was looking at me all the time .now ik why that girl stopped being friends with that girl who everybody hates until 4 months of their friendship (we always told her but she never did it until now) . i dont want to stop being friends , but if i dont it will make me look like finn . i always called that girl silly for not breaking off their friendship , but now im in the same situation and im doing the same as her .  Quam , puckleberry , brittana , bike and tartie forever!! 02:01, May 20, 2011 (UTC) I just want it to be the old days .The days when we where the most united group in the school , before they started to bring foozball and ping pong tables when we all drifted apart.Even though I had no best friend , just a lot of friends.Im tired of my friends saying bad things about my best friend , even though some of them are true .I tried talking with her , but she said we made fun of her wich is COMPLETLY FALSE .She is just making up things as an excuse to stay away from us .I knew it . She clearly does not want to be with us .It also completly sucks that your best friend s parents are overprotective .Her mom went with the principal just to ask how my parents behave and all that stuff . And that hurts . Like they dont trust your parents . And if they dont trust my parents , they clearly wont trust me . Quam , puckleberry , brittana , bike and tartie forever!! 01:31, May 23, 2011 (UTC) Ugh . My parents are forcing me to go to swimming classes . I love swimming ,but its completly boring to have a teacher telling you what to do . Bringing me to swimming classes will be a waste of money . I mean , they just want me to be in swimming classes for: 1.Im way tall . Last time we went to the doctor bc my sisters were sick , they checked me also and I had the height of 1.50m . And its not my fault that Im just 4th shortest of my class . They are 10 year olds and 11 year olds . What did they expect? 2.I already do a lot of excersise in my school . We have dance , used to have yoga , karate , and swimming . In the school hours . So why waste money on swimmimng classes if you already have them in school ? I know its just 40 min , but its inside the school schedule . So you dont have to panic about being late and all that stuff . Plus , my parents dont want to waste too much money , bc there is a posibility we might go back to England . I might even be in a public school the last months before going . Quam , puckleberry , brittana , bike and tartie forever!! 02:01, June 5, 2011 (UTC)


I wiah i was still at primary cause all the teachers make me stay behind when it was the others who was misbehavig and i need to go 5 mins early because i damaged my foot 12 weeks ago and it takes me alot of time to get up and down the steps and i feel the teachers just dont like me so my parents wrote a letter to the teachers and tey said i could be gettin exspelled but i really love my school cause i have abt 42 friends there so that y i hate the stupid teacheres In the uk we have this amazing thing Its called a tap. 19:33, May 23, 2011 (UTC)


I've been pregnant 2 times, and both of them have ended in a miscarriage. My ex-boyfriend is a DICK who let me live at his place, but when I had the miscarriage, he kicked me out, because he only wanted the baby, not me. He lied to me and told me he loved me....And it turns out to be a lie. He's a man whore. He teases me at school, and calls me slutty, and easy and needy.... and my old best friend lies about me, and my Dad hates me and he's leaving my mother....... I'm so messed up right now.

My parents are now divorced, but I'm happy about it: all my Dad did was drink and yell and go to work. He lives in Perth now, and I'm glad I'm never gonna see him again. Stacy is no longer my best friend, cause she's a slutty bitch and I'm better off without her. I've lost all the weight I've put on the past 3 years, and it's all thanks to Jarrod, Grace, Conor and mainly Georgie xx I love them all so much.

But I'm still depressed...... I'm sad, I never feel like eating.... I need help. But I'm scared to ask for it. It's a almost a year later now, and I've gotten better. I've got new, caring boyfriend, my life is less hectic and..... yeah. But that doesn't mean I'm happy. I think that if something really bad happens to you, and it hits you hard, you can never really let go of it.....

Kimmy. ♥ My dad yells at me every night. If I do one little thing wrong, he will yell at me. Yesterday he blamed me for breaking the lock on his car (which was not my fault). He always finds something to "talk" to me about (its usually about how I value Glee over everything else) like not saying Hi loud enough, not bringing my school diary home, not doing homework till the last couple of days, stupid shit like that. Im a daddys girl, I always have been, but now I dont know. I cant wait to move out of the house, actually out of this stupid town. so yeah.

•its not about aptitude, its the way you're viewed. ♥ ~ 09:07, June 15, 2011 (UTC) </li> </li> </li>


Breakup DepressionEdit

I'm trying to get over this relationship, I really am, but I just can't It was one of those relationships where you feel like your tethered to the person, you know? I don't know if I can handle this. Seeing him with that other girl just killed me. I try to hide the fact that I'm sad, so people don't feel like they have to comfort me (which to a point can feel really annoying), but now I just want to point out that I am depressed about this to the point that I don't even want to live anymore. Someone help me...

                                    • To be taller
                                    • To do more excersise
                  • 21st of June, 2011: I think my friends don't know I exist. I feel like I'm just that girl that just follows people like a ghost. Every time I open my mouth, one of my friends talks over the top of me. I feel like I'm just there for decoration. I'm sick of being abandoned and treated like I'm a cherry on top of the cake. I want to feel apart of it. It's like I'm the smart nerd who knows the answers so everybody turns to for the answers. It's like I'm just the backup friend who when one is partnered with their best friend another turns to because that one person is occupied. What did I do wrong? Is it just me? Is my voice not loud enough? It's just cruel. Ke$ha blew the place and Usher wanted more. And where was I? Going my own way, that's what 07:31, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

  • -Ali W. {{SUBST:User:ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE/Sig}} 22:27, September 14, 2011 (UTC) </li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • ==QuinnQuinn== </li>1. I get ignored. No one talks to me at school. Probaly cause i'm the new girl but I want friends. I want people to talk to me.2. Most of the people I know make up stuff about them. Its weird. They say all this stuff has happened but everyone knows its a total fake. The people only lie to me.3. My adopted brother and sister and my adopted cousins always talk about there life ewhen they lived in the orphanage. I feel left out when they talk about it. But its ok. People at my school are talking to me now. Yay but this weird kid walked up to me then punched me in the back. It hurt but I tried not to cry. I get online bullied for no reason. I don't understand this. At least in real life I'm super popular. I am having a horrible life everywhere. I was chased out of a wiki. Everyone hates. No one cares about me. Everyone else has comments like "Aww dear you will get better". And what do I have? NOTHING! I only have 3 things in life to do. 1. Watch Glee 2. Talk about/read the Hunger games 3. Finish The Pretty Little liars series so I can watch the show. I have a horrible cold. I am in a play on Sunday. No one likes me. People avoid me. The whole wiki is a big group of ruling bitches. I'm so sad. No one apologizes. NO ONE can give me comments saying "I don't care frankly". If you want to help me feel important and lovely then comment. Otherwise leave. I am sad a lot. When I go on chat it turns into a war.</li>==Ms. Artie Abrams== 10/5/11: I know it is only my third day back at the wiki, but i really need to get this out. I've had this sorta locked up in me for a while now. O.K., I'm a cutter. I have been since the twenty second of January. Last month, I had a really bad accident with my razor blade and my hip started to bleed like crazy. It was just a lot of blood. I thought I was gonna die that night 'cause it wouldn't stop. So I prayed and promised God that I'd stop. Well, I'm having trouble keeping that promise even thoug it was not my first mishap with a razor. All I can think of is cutting. I'm naturally an anxious person so when school gets frustrating, or when my mom gets too hard on me, or when the guy I like ignores me I just wanna find my stash of "weapons" and go at it. It's wrong and a sin but it helped. I want help for my problem, but I'm too scared to tell my mother and family. I think that telling my folllow Glikians will help me tell her. I'm sorry if you had to read this, but I feel like I let a load off right now. It feals nice to come out. I'm nerdy, young, and cute. :D (Say hello to Mrs. Cameron Mitchell!) 20:15, October 5, 2011 (UTC) 10/11/11: O.K., for the first time ever, I like a guy. I don't mean that I liked girls up till this point; I mean it in a "I finally have a crush on someone" way. He's super dorky, a total nerd, and, half the time, needs to watch his mouth but I don't care. He's Plus, he's the first guy to call me "cute". And I know he likes me back - my mom says that he told her, his own mom, and several other people - but he hasn't told me. We haven't been friends for a long time - only about 3 or 4 months - and I don't know when it's O.K. to tell him that I like him. I've never really paid attention to guys that way and only one dude has ever liked me as a crush before so I have no idea what to do. Plus, I don't think he knows that I like him in a "like like" way 'cause we only really talk about movies, comics, video games, and Glee (well, that one time). And I'm stressing out 'cause I think about him a lot and that to me is sort of creepy. I'm so inexperienced with dudes that it's bringing back my..."nerves". (As vague as that sounds, it's true. I think I have a like glitch in my emotional part of my brain that causes random crying and anger fits.) Then I have, like, no girl friends to talk to about it 'cause I can't go on chat or anything. This brings me back to my "I'm alone and sad" nightmare. :/ I'm nerdy, young, and cute. :D (Say hello to Mrs. Cameron Mitchell!) 15:31, October 11, 2011 (UTC) </li>==Crystal8monkey== 12/10/11 these aren't really problems more complants i needed to get off my chest because I've been really sad lately I've just joined secondry school and well.. not just joined i'm in 2nd year but still trying to make new friends (i know it's stupid) I mean these girls say i'm their friend but i never get to hang out with them i usally sit in the study hall and do homework i mean i try to infact once in history I put my books on whatever table i could find but one of my more popular "friends" put her books next to mine and i went to get a chair for another girl some girl pushed my books off my table and sat down herself so i had to sit in the corner alone. :( but I'm sure everyone has the same problem as me and I bet it's not even a problem and I'm terrible at making friends even on the glee wiki...anyway... my glee users page and my glee wiki page I'm 13 and I feel like I'm behind on everything all the girls in my class have had their first kiss, boyfriends etc. but I havn't even had contact with a guy I liked on glee thier constantly stealing eachothers boyfriends I havn't even had one it's really really stupid but I just feel sad and alone :(==Team Doofenshmirtz== Okay so here I go. I am laying it out as best as I can. Cliffnotes version :P Okay. So. A few years ago I was at camp. There was this "emo" boy that was new. I was new as well (I came with a friend) so I decided to befirend this boy. He was weird but I really wanted to be his friend because he was alone like me. Now, I was fat then. So I was getting made fun of the whole time anyway.Anywho we were at the lake. Everyone was called for popcicles (I know, lame right?). Everyone went and I waited for the boy. He jumped on my back in the water and would not get off. I dont remember much of it but I do remember yelling at him to get off and fighting him but he still wouldnt get off me. I dont know if that counts as molestation or not but it was scary. The adults finally came and yelled at him (again I dont remember much of it because I was scared) but when I got back to where everyone was everyone including my friend was talking about how they were dissapointed and that they were hoping I got raped. That was the second day of camp so for the rest of the week I heard people talking about my weight and how they said I deserved to be raped for trying to be friends with the loner boy. After that trip I went into serious depression. I dont even remember most of that year. I remember I ate a ton when I got back and then I wouldnt eat for days. I grew and I wasnt eating much so I lost most of the weight. Now go back to my earlyer years. My mom was dieing. The doctors screwed something of hers up so she has been depressed most of my life. It got so bad we took her to the hospital for being suicidal mutiple times. She has even gotton drunk and did some bad things then would leave for days. It was not her fault though. I love her so much. So I kinda grew up without a mom. I was depressed ever since that camp on top of it. I am good at faking it though so no one ever knew. Then about a year after that camp I joined a church. My youth pastor then verbally abused me the entire time I was there. Apparently because I was only friends with guys and didnt want to be friends with the girls (because they were stuck up) I was a whore. He also called me pagan because I am jewish, called me fat, called me a lesbian (jn a hateful way) because there was a lesbian who went there who liked me, and would use me as an example of a "Stupid woman" because I would ask questions about the lesson. He also would leave me places. Hay ride, California (yep, he left the freaking state without me), walmart, ect. And for the longest time I thought he was right. I thought since I got along with guys better that ment I was a whore. I thought I was ugly. I hated myself. Then I changed churches because I had enough. My new youth pastor is the best. He is so freaking nice. He treats everyone so kindly. And he is the best teacher I have ever had. But I was still depressed. It got so bad I almost killed myself earlyer this year (thats why I was gone for a while). Then I got into the car accadent. I was the only one who really got hurt (puncured lung and torn muscles in my leg). It kind of snapped me into life. I thought I was going to die. I thought of all the things I wanted to do. I felt amazing for a few months. During that time I even fell in love.I loved this boy so much.. Then this little skank came around and took him from me. I know it sounds harsh to call her a skank but she is. She finds all the guys who has girlfriends and takes advantage of the boys. then she goes and finds out who girls like and takes advantage of them. I loved this guy so much. I would save up things all week so I could talk to me. But she ruined it. I am plotting my revenge now :P I have never had a boyfriend. I am not sure if I even belive in love anymore. But, I love myself now, or thats what I keep saying. I am so scared I will fall back into that depression. I want to loose more weight. I am really tall and skinnier now but I feel fat and ugly. Just like they have been telling me my whole life. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. That "friend" that wanted me to get raped. I still went on pretending to be her friend. It was worth it. She is in jail now because she was dealing drugs and was running away to mexico with her druggie BF (such a lovely 15 year old..) and I ratted her out. She is in jail now. So yeah, thats my story so far. I left out a lot of really sad/bad things because either they are too hard to talk about or they are too graphic I dont want to add them. So yeah. Thanks for reading this! Okay I has more. I am totally head over heels in love with this boy I know. He is 19 though and I am younger. So it will probably never work out. I will just enjoy the time I have with him now and hope he does not fall in love with anyone else for a while.. I don't know what I'll do if he finds someone else. He is the best guy ever. He is very into God and he is totally into that stuff. He has the best brown eyes. He has some of the most awesome stories ever. Just perfect. Too bad I am just a teenage girl.


    </li> October 21, 2011

    I'm a lesbian, and everyone knows it now. I planned on coming out today, but it was too late. Everyone had already been talking about me behind my back. People are just so ignorant. They'll think that I'm in love with them if they're straight. They don't get it. I would never want to make them feel uncomfortable. But I feel so conflicted. Sometimes I feel proud of being a lesbian, and then other times I want to hide under my bed forever. A few hours ago I just posted being a lesbian as something on the happiness page. Now I feel ashamed of it. I ran into a bathroom so I could cry and kick the toilet for half an hour. I'm a 12 year old lesbian! I just have no idea what I've been thinking. People might say I'm too young, but that's just how I'm feeling and I can't lie about it. It frustrates me how conflicted my feelings are. Sometimes I want to tell someone about being a lesbian, but at the same time I'm afraid. I just have such a hard time trusting people. I can't even talk to my own parents about it. They're homophobic. My teachers are homophobic, my principal is homophobic, and even the guidence members are homophobic. It's a shame how gay marriage was legalized in New York, and people still consider it a sin.

    Well I guess it kind of helped to put it here, but I'm still not comfortable telling the whole story :\ Thanks for reading <3

    I feel really stupid :/ Teachers are giving me low 90s and I can't afford such failing grades this year! I hate the place where I live, and the only way I can get out is if I get a successful job. It all starts in high school. I have big dreams of respectable high schools in the city. But no school will want me if I have low grades. My final average for this MP was 97.4 and I would've been happy with that any other year but not this year. It's a competitive world out there and I'm just not good enough :( All the high schools are going to see this and I'll be forced to go to a zoned high school and sweep floors and McDonalds </li>

    </li> </li>

                    • I've just joined secondry school and well.. not just joined i'm in 2nd year but still trying to make new friends (i know it's stupid) I mean these girls say i'm their friend but i never get to hang out with them i usally sit in the study hall and do homework i mean i try to infact once in history I put my books on whatever table i could find but one of my more popular "friends" put her books next to mine and i went to get a chair for another girl some girl pushed my books off my table and sat down herself so i had to sit in the corner alone. :(


  • ==Gle​e Rocks== </li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • </li>30 October 2011 Ok, so this may seem stupid but.... Here Goes So, I was out on the schoolyard with mah friends, And One just Screams out: GRACE IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said to her, WTF? And she just said she felt like saying that. So these people came over to me and started calling me a bitch, and yeah, so now, And in the Class Room, I moved away from her, (But this is before I moved) She just said to my, Oh Grace, why are you such a bitch? And she was just following me around saying, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch. I don't know what to do, at least I get 4 days of school...... But what really annoys me is that she is one of those people that say sorry really quickly, and she always says, let's just Forget that Happened, She hasnt said sorry yet, I hope she doesn't but.. :( Glee Rocks! (Talk To Me)</li>

    Kurt's Boy 86: In Need of a Real Life Blaine

    I'm gay and I live in a small most gay guys are in denial or the closet or taken. I'm really lonely. I have lots of girls who want to be with me, but no guys. I can't even find more than like 3 out gay guys. I am Kurt. Well, what I mean is, his story and mine are EXACTLY the same. I.E. Single parent raised, same coming out story, my best female friend was in love with me, I was in love with a straight boy, my mom was in the hospital and almost died and it was almost just like Grilled Cheesus, I struggled with my religion, I got lonely and my story is just like Kurt's. That is, up until Blaine. I'm still searching for my real life Blaine. I just feel so hopless and like it's never gonna happen. I'm so lonely and discouraged and I just wanna feel that love. But I'm feeling discouraged and all. I just don't wanna spend Christmas alone (like Will almost did in A Very Glee Christmas). I wish I could just go straight for all the girls who want me, but I'm so wired the other way and I just can't. I just wanna find that special guy. But I just turned 25 and I'm starting to feel too old... {Kurt's Boy 86 | Defying Gravity Since Birth} 05:35, October 30, 2011 (UTC)</li></li>


  • How could he?

    How could my dad do that? Just come here and bring along his....his...his WHORE! I guess I should back up and tell you what happened. Well, a couple of days ago, dad said that he was coming down for confrences and thanksgiving, but he never told me that he'd bring his new and improved wife along with him! He knows how I feel about her, always being ignored by him because of her. My dad hasn't even thought about what this would do to my younger sister! Ugh, I might just skip out on thanksgiving, especially if I have to spend it with her .'-ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE</li>





  • ==Gleeky90210== </li></li>
  • Last week i let my ex take my daughter (Hollie) out for the day (father-daughter bonding) and while they were out my ex was drinking. On the way home he hit another driver while he was driving and was in a really bad accident with Hollie. He's in hospital and is recovering well but Hollie...god this is hard to write...she didnt make it and she was only 3 and a half weeks old </li></li>

    Holli (Glee.klainebows 07:04, June 4, 2012 (UTC))

    So basically I have Anxiety isuues or self diagnosed anxiety issues and I normally become kinda neurotic before the event that is going to happen and this time Im going in a car and alot of taxis to go camping in My nans garden but now I just wanna stay at home and enjoy my summer break she will be taking up pretty much my entire week and I will come back on sunday I have my moments of feeling happy but then a flow just comes over me and I feel really sick I want to just tell my nan but she is really dramatic and she would proabaly shoot me , I have seen her every week end since she moved but she is the one who wants us to stay for a week she makes me skype with her too..... Jesus , Getting angry has actually made me feel better , Thanks x

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