General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Greenish/Blueish
Birthday: 11/03/96
Weight: 38 kg
Address: Lima Heights, the wrong side of the tracks
Occupation(s): Student, Gleek, Naya/Santana stan
Aliases: San


Horny child (Chloe)

Mary Fairy

Hot Girlfriend with Lesbian PJ's (Buffy)

Family & Friends
Family: My Glamazons ♥
Relationships: Matt (ex-boyfriend, first love, deceased)

Buffy (girlfriend, sexual partner)

Friends: Way too many to write down :3
Other Informations
Buffy Blake ♥
Clique: Cheerleaders (NO MORE AWW YEAA)


Talent: Singing, dancing, cheerleading, acting
Vulnerabilities: Buffy Blake


Strengths: Manipulation, bitchiness, scissoring & sexting (trololol)
Series Information
First appearance: 11/03/96
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Mary
Hollaaa :) My name is Mary, Brazilian. Proud Slytherin, Gleek, Potterhead and Santana stan. I'm married to the most beautiful, precious, funny and perfect person in this world :)

Brittana is pretty much my OTP, but Quinntana is my guilty pleasure ♥ and I love Faberry too, so yeah I'm a shipperwhore :P I still love Quick with a burning passion though...

If you wanna know me better, here's my Poly and here's my Tumblr :) if you wanna talk, just leave a message in my talk page! I love making new friends :)

The Santana of the Glamazons ♥ Proudly so.

I ship:Edit

  • Brittana
  • Quinntana
  • Faberry
  • Quick
  • Puckleberry
  • Briano
  • Barole
  • Romione

I definitely DON'T ship:Edit

  • Santana/Boys
  • Klaine
  • Brittany/Boys
  • Kurt/Girls
  • Fabson

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