Layla Marie Scott
General Information
Gender: female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Birthday: March 3rd
Height: 5ft6
Occupation(s): Highschooler
Family & Friends
Family: Mr Scott (father)
Mrs.Scott (mother)
Lacey Scott (older sister)<r>
Relationships: Damian Mcdonald (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Meaghan Taylor
Courtney Bleicken
Enemies: Lindsay Tyler
Damian Mcdonald
Paige McAdams
Other Informations
Clique: Cheerios
Education: William Mckinley High School
Talent: singing
Vulnerabilities: N/A
Strengths: being atheletic
Weaknesses: Damian
Series Information
First appearance: New New Directions (Part 2)
Portrayer: Marie-Laura (Laurakee)

Layla Marie Scott is a character in ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE's fanfiction.

Early LifeEdit

Layla was born into the wealthy Scott family, along with older sister Lacey. She usually got what she want since she was spoiled by her father. In freshman year of highschool, Layla became head cheerio and had eyes for teammate Lindsay's boyfriend Damian Mcdonald, quarterback of the football team.

Life At MckinleyEdit

Layla appears in chapter 2, as Damian's girlfriend, who borrows his car to go shopping, not returning it at the time Damian said to. Later that night, Damikan broke up with her, telling Layla that she wasn't the person she used to be. An angered Layla deemed that the two were never over, and stormed out.

In chapter 3, Layla wrecks more havok in Damian's life as she and her friends (Meaghan & Courtney) join the glee club.


Layla is identified as a bitch, and she's not afraid to show it, although she wasn't always like this. Layla used to be sweet, since she was very unpopular through middle school. When she turned fourteen, Layla shed some weight and joined the cheerios become the head cheerio, which caused her bad attitude.


Damian McdonaldEdit

Damian and Layla used to date until Damian broke it off in chapter 2.


Just Dance Till The World Ends by Lady Gaga/Britney Spears. (w/ Meaghan & Courtney)

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