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Kurt+Blaine=Love is a user on the Glee Wiki.She ships Klaine,Bartie and many others.

About HerEdit

  • Her reaction to Teenage Dream:



Then she was thinking "What if they don't get together?"

So then she was like:



Then,of course it was commercial time (A.K.A random thought time)So she was thinking:


Klaine 1



Then her reaction to this:




and Kurt told Blaine about Karofsky being his first kiss that counted:



She went online the next day and found someone who had the same opinions and was like:


But then she got distrcted by:



  • Ships Klaine
  • Ships Bartie
  • Doesn't mind any other Kurt ships excepst maybe Kurtofsky.
  • Was depressed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Her favorite character is Kurt.
  • Loves Taylor Swift