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Kurt's Boy 86 aka Justin

Kurt's Boy 86's real name is Justin. He is 25 years young. He's really cool, fun, and funny once you get to know him. He's an active user on the Glee Wiki, he has a popular Glee fan fiction, and he created and runs the Glee: The Next Generation Fna Fiction wiki, based off his fan fic.

Kurt's Boy 86's BasicsEdit

Male. Gay. Brown Hair. Blue Eyes. Writer. Actor. Singer. Plans to audtion for The Glee Project 2. He has a Twitter and a Facebook. Also has a MySpace (or is it My______ now?) but he never uses it. Single. Straight Edge. Has converted most of his friends into big Glee fans. Has way too much Glee memorbilia. Glee is his all time favorite show and his obsession. Never knock Glee to his face. Has all the music, all the episodes, and qoutes it on a daily basis. Often tells people "that's how we do it in Lima Heights" when Ihe schools them. He can be like Santana. Sometimes he says mean things out loud, but he's really a nice guy. Glee dominates his room, his computer, his Facebook, and his music collection. Deal with it. Says cannot date someone who hates Glee. Often gets told he is like Rachel and Kurt. His all time favorite characters are Kurt Hummel and Brittany Pierce.

Favorite CharactersEdit

Favorite CouplesEdit

Favorite SongsEdit

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