Joesph Osborn
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 19, 1996
Height: TBA
Weight: 89kg
Address: Chicago, IL
Occupation(s): student, intern, psychologist
Aliases: Joe, etc
Family & Friends
Family: mother, father
Relationships: Luna Sauls (girlfriend)
Friends: Luna Mariana Sauls, Tshering Sauls, Z, Oprah
Pet(s): none
Enemies: Evil, Gabriella Sauls, Trevor Sauls
Other Informations
Clique: Nerds and some alien force or somthing like that
Education: Some high school in Chicago
Talent: film making.
Strengths: Aliens!
Weaknesses: Evil
Awards: TBA
Series Information
First appearance: Abuse of the Bullhorn
Portrayer: Mr. Santana Lopez

Joseph Osborn is a chracter of Ms.A's fanfics. He is the boyfreind of Luna Mariana Sauls.


His personality is kinda nerdy but he can be sassy at times. When he is nice he can be freindly and very kind. But when you turn him off he gets on your ass, but the only time he ever got mad is when Buffy Celete Sauls didn't pay him when he was at the wedding. People think he is like most boys his age, but he is very nice. He can be nice but he's nuts. He thinks he has a alien freind named Z the Alien. He may have a creepy crush on the Saul family's mother Buffy.


He is only in one and had little to no lines.


His current, first and only girlfriend is Luna Mariana Sauls. It is unknown how they ended up together. But all people know that they love each other.

Friends and foes.Edit

Evil- There never was a storyline with a conflict between him and his freind Thersing's twin sister Evil.

Z- Z the alien is a fictional alien that Joe dreams about, sence Luna is a fan of science fiction he thinks aliens are real. Sometimes Z wishes that Joe can stop yelling words like bullshit.

Oprah- Is the grandmother of the Saul's family, While Gab tries to convince him that Oprah is evil he thinks that she isn't.

Thersing- The eldest son of the Sauls family Joe likes to think of him as a brother. Sometimes they act like physogists to each other.

Trevor Sauls- Trevor and Joe never been on a first name basis, but Trevor was the one who paid Joe 3 months after the wedding.

Buffy Celeste Sauls- Buffy finds Joe to be a nice boy, but the whole "I have a alien buddy" thing she finds hin to be complety INSANE!!!. He may have a creepy crush on the mother due to her being one of the hottest things on the planet, but he can say that is just crazy.

Ben- Is a freind that he had, but suffered a tragic mistake.

Songs he can Sing.Edit

To the Sky by Owl City

Hero by Nickelback from Spider-Man

Living in the sunlight, Loving in the moonlight by Tiny Tim

You got a freind in me by Randy Newman from Toy Story

Time of your life by Randy Newman from A Bugs Life

Come fly with Us from Total Drama World tour

Haman's song from Veggietales

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