General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black, Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 29th May
Height: 5'9
Weight: 59
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student, Evil-Fighter (a secret)
Aliases: Ikki
Family & Friends
Family: Buffy (Mom), Trevor (Father), Evil (Twin), Gab, Luna, Roxy, Katie(sisters), poof (aunty), Oprah (grandma), Anna (half sister)
Relationships: Rachel
Friends: Rachel, Artie, Glee club
Enemies: Rodrigo, Puck, Mommy and Daddy, Finn, Jesse
Other Informations
Singing, Fighting against Evil, Gaming
Clique: Glee club (New Directions)
Education: William Mckinley high School
Talent: Singing, Gaming, Fighting
Vulnerabilities: Hot girls
Strengths: Super-Human strength
Weaknesses: None
Series Information
First appearance: Chapter One
Last appearance: DO I LOOK LIKE I'm DEAD????????
Portrayer: Finchelfanno1
Ikki is the good twin of Evil, and her arch-enemy in Ms.A's fanfic. He is portrayed by Finchelfanno1.


He was born alongside Evil. His parents had to choose between one of the because they wanted to so they choose him and threw Evil away. This is the main reason Evil holds a grudge against him. His powers were given to him by an unknown man in his dreams and he told him to fight against evil in his place. He is a regular guy in other people's eye but he secretly is a super-hero and fights against evil. When he was 10 he accidentally killed a rat which made him gain the power of emapthy with nature and animals and also made him a pure-veg.

He came to know about Evil when she attacked him before he moved to Ohio. Now they constantly fight against each other, to no results. He now lives in Lima, Ohio with his incestous family. He also joins the glee club in his new school where he meets Rachel whom he instantly falls in love with.

Now he has to fight against Evil to save his family and friends.


He is very gentlemanly and chivalrous. He has a "thing" for hot girls. He loves animals. He hates evil.


He has super-human strength (his punch can kill anyone except Evil). He can fly. He can control weather and nature. He has the power of telepathy and telekinesis. He can also run at superhuman speed. He also has genius level intellect and is an expert martial artist and combatant. He knows how to solve even the most difficult puzzles within seconds. Has the powers to transform. However his powers doesn't seem to work well against Evil, she somehow is resistant against them. Mainly due to the fact that she is his twin.


His weakness is hot girls, whenever he sees them he loses control. He also has empathy with animals and nature.



She is his main arch-enemy. They are constantly in fight against each othe. To find out more read Evil's biography.


Rodrigo called Ikki names so now they are arch-enemies.

Mommy and DaddyEdit

They seems to hate Ikki.



Gab's secret lover and his friend.


Luna's bf and a good friend.


A really good friend.


Evil's enemy means Ikki's friend.

New DirectionsEdit

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