About CamillaEdit

Camilla is a 13 year old girl. Her birthday is July 23rd. She is mexican-italian. She is a sweet girl. She likes to help people and she hopes to become famous one day. She is really shy but when you get to know her she's really energetic. She loves the color purple. She is in love with Damian McGinty. She is in love with Michael Jackson and Dianna Agron. Her favorite characters are Quinn,Santana,Brittany. She is a brunette. She has brown eyes. She is bi.


  • St.Berry
  • Klaine
  • Brittana
  • Faberry
  • Quitt
  • Quinntana
  • Fabang
  • Tike
  • Cherry
  • Lonley Finn
  • Tuck
  • Samchel
  • Brittberry
  • Pezberry
  • Puckleberry
  • Wolly
  • Cemma
  • Fabrevans
  • Quartie
  • Quick
  • The Unholy Trinity
  • Qurory





Fabson(well kinda in the middle)

Friends <3Edit

ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE-Alison: The sweetest girl ever!!

EverydayISeeMyDream-Issey: Always helps mee with me problems..HOTTEST GIF WARS.

Maxymax123-Max: There's no words to express my feelings...but there are gifs.

SkySplitz-Jen: Myy awesomee girll! She's cool and sweet :D

Littlemissbrittany888-Brittany: My first ever friend on Glee Wiki. She helped me A LOT

FinchelFreak-Jenny: Sweet girl...AlcilleFTW

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