Sophie is a caring, creative, innocent 13-year-old. She has a very powerful, high singing voice and gets a lot of crap at school for being different. All of her friends say she looks like Quinn Fabray and sound like Rachel Berry. She loves singing more than anything and can't dance. Sophie is probably the most clumsy girl you will ever meet. She ships Finchel, Samchel, Klaine, Quinndepence, Pucktana, Bruck, Brittana, Fabolton, Bluck, and Samena.

Sophie Olivia




May, 30 1998


Zac Efron (crush hehe) Max (ex-crush) Will (ex-crush) Troy (current crush under alias)


Singing Acting Writing


ZAC EFRON Troy (under alias) Clumsiness Dancing Unpopularity


Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Quinnie (jokers at school) Blondie (stupid boys) Quinchel (QDG) Zac Efron and Dianna Agron's Baby (friend) Quinn Twin (joke) Soph (loads of peepz) Marcia Brady (mom, dad)


At school- Charlie Emma Callie Laura

On wiki- Pig&gleecrazy Gossip Girl Star9999 BforBerry Immagleek18


Sophie usually gets nervous around boys. When Max asked her out, she cried of nervousness. She has had a crush on let's call him 'Troy' for 3 years and he is under the alias of 'Troy' because he looks like Zac Efron. She had a brief romantically-linked relationship with Will. They caught each other staring in Social Studies but it never bloomed in to a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. People tell her that 'Troy' never got over her ever since the 5th grade but she doesn't believe it.

Singing CareerEdit

Sophie sings a lot and takes singing lessons. She has been taking lessons for 3 years and plans on continuing to take them. She sang for a certain politician and supposedly made his wife cry. She doesn't want something as flattering as that to make her think she is done. She will never give up no matter what. She is the lead singer in choir as some people say.

Acting CareerEdit

Sophie started acting at age nine at camp. She continued on to bigger things and ended up performing in a professional musical. No one knows where it will take her but she is willing to continue following her dreams.

Personality Edit

Sophie would be described as a very hyper soul. She isn't nice to everyone and is friends with everyone in her grade. She can be shy around boys but is for the most part very out going.

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