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You can just call me Sofia








Finchel, Quick, Klaine, Mina, Bartie

Glee crush:

I like to say... Sam is Sexy, Puck is Hot, Finn is Cute, Artie is Sweet and Mike is all of the above!

Hello earthlings. I have 3 words (and one smiley) for you: Welcome to me :DEdit

My name is Sofia, you may have seen me around the wiki. I am a 13 year old girl from Australia (best country in the whole wide world FYI, just if you were wondeirng :P).

Some of you may already know I go to a private all girls school (yeah, the party never stops there). Pretty much like a Dalton for girls. With the Blazers, Traditions (Ugh), Rules, Zero-tolerance no bullying policy etc etc.

My absolute favourite character is the one and onlyRachel Berry. She shines like a star, a GOLD STAR. Oooo yes, and that reminds me I put gold stars on my work at school now. And draw them on my hand. And stick them in my planner. And ummmm.... dream about them? (lol jks, I don't dream about gold stars. Just everything else to do with glee)

So by now you're probably thinking I'm a total nutcase but I can assure you I am not (well maybe I am..). Anyway just to weird you out some more I have one last addition to my speech...

I have two majorly bad habits: 1) using wayy too many smileys :3 and 2) Using brackets too often, if any of these things really bug you then just tell me and I will try my very bestest (< TeeHee) not to. :D

Yes, I copied all this from my user page on Glee Wiki but hey, why not?? I'll add to it at little later...

Ok, guess that's all from me then! Toodles :3

xx Sofia (aka [The wonderful, magnificent] Gleeful)

My favourite songs at the moment...Edit