Beth - Queen Beth to you :P
General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: 14.11.98
Address: Kiss my british ****
Aliases: Beth, Watson, Garfield, Bethany, Bethy, Bethie, honey, sweetie, darling
Family & Friends
Relationships: Married to the fact that Finchel are dating again
Friends: Keira






Pet(s): 2 rabbits
Employer: I'm the boss :D
Employees: My Finchelite team :P
Enemies: Fabson
Other Informations






Clique: Umm... middle-ish people?
Talent: Watching glee

Shipping Finchel

Vulnerabilities: Finchel make-out scenes
Strengths: Shipping Finchel
Weaknesses: Finchel sex (Whenever it happens :P)
Series Information
First appearance: 14.11.98
Last appearance: When Finchel have sex on screen :P
Portrayer: Gleefinchelbartie aka Me !
Gleefinchelbartie is an active user on the Glee Wiki, Glee Users Wiki, Wildchild Wiki and many more.

You can find her on:



Formspring: +

And somewhere on Facebook...

She is an admin on: Glee Relationships Wiki, Wildchild wiki and Finchel Wiki.

She is the Bureaucrat for: Finchel Wiki and WIldchild Wiki.

About her :DEdit

  • She loves Glee loads
  • She also likes Friends and The Simpsons lots too
  • Her favourite food is chocolate
  • She has two rabbits who are bisexual
  • She thinks Puck, Sam, Artie are really hot
  • Her favourite character is Rachel Tina :D
  • Her best friend calls her Sherlock (I have no idea why she calls me that it just caught on - I call her Watson)
  • She is quite crazy - That is true, i've been told several times I'm mad :P
  • She loves bitching about glee couples she hates with Keira *coughespeciallyfabsoncough*

Her ShipsEdit

  • Finchel
  • Quick
  • Luck
  • Bartie
  • Brittana
  • St. Berry
  • Chang-Chang
  • Samchel
  • Puckleberry
  • F*ck
  • Cohen-Pierce
  • Pezberry
  • Faberry
  • Faberrittana
  • Santina
  • Bram
  • Klaine
  • Hevans
  • Samcedes
  • Totcedes
  • St. Hurry
  • St. Fuckleberry
  • St. Anderson
  • Raine
  • Lord Sandy
  • Kuck
  • Feira
  • Saura
  • Sanna
  • Bourtney
  • Coura
  • Keth
  • Leth
  • Bani
  • Datt/Mani
  • Grilled Tubbington (Grilled Cheesus and Lord Tubbington xD)
  • Pucktana
  • Quam
  • Sue
  • Briano
  • Mondler
  • Pike
  • Jachel
  • Gellar-Green
  • Hon/Remione
  • Hinny/Garry (xD)
  • Werlock

Ohmifudgeygosh that's alot of ship :P

Past FavouritesEdit

Character - Santana

Song - Don't Stop Believing

Couple - Tartie

Episode - Sectionals

Present FavouritesEdit

Character - Rachel, Tina or Sam.

Song - Pretending Gleefinchelbartie will screw at all people who dislike this freekin song

Couple - Finchel Gleefinchelbartie will NOT tolerate Fabson lovers bashing her beautiful couple

Episode - Rocky Horror Glee Show or Journey or (Hopefully - Ryan I am counting on you) Nationals.


Friends on the wikiEdit

Kira is a gleek - Iloveyou <3 My Rachel Cheerio <3

Dani99 - My lovely Sanz Cheerio :D

Gossip Girl - My Quinny Cheerio <3

Star9999 - My amazing Britt Twinny <3 :P




Mr. Santana Lopez




Add yourself if i forgot you. Sorry if i did.

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