Season OneEdit

Fabson is the relationship between Quinn Fabray and Finn
Hudson. The couple were first seen dating in the first episode, when Quinn was the headcheerleader and Finn was the head quarterback of the football team. Quinn was pregenant with Noah Puckerman's baby, but she told Finn that it was his and in the end he found out and Fabson ended.

Season TwoEdit

Quinn goes out with Sam Evans and Finn is jealous so Fabson is a couple again. Finn then realises that he doesn't want Quinn he wants Rachel, but she was with Jesse and unavailable. In Funeral Finn dumps Quinn and finds his love in Rachel Barbra Berry and they sing Pretending together at the competition Nationals.


Season OneEdit

Quick kiss

Quinn gets pregnant and Noah tries to do all he can to be a good father for the baby. He tries to give Quinn money, patch up the relationship so he was very respectful to Quinn and her emotionns at this point. He loved her and she loved him, even in one episode she gets Noah to help her babysit a few children, he tries his best so she considers keeping the baby. She then decides to give the baby to Shelby (Rachel Berry's Mum).


Season OneEdit

Brittana friends

Santana, Brittany, and Quinn were the best of friends in Season One until Quinn got pregnant, but even before that Santana and Brittany were always much closer with each other than with Quinn. The two were always together - inseparable even.

Season TwoEdit

Santana and brittany

In the second season of Glee Noah goes to juvie and Santana needs someone to be with so she turns to Brittany and they kiss. Later in the season Santana confesses her love for Brittany to Brittany. The two sing Landslide with Holly Holiday. In the episode 'Born This Way' Brittany gives Santana a top that says 'LEBANESE' which was supposed to be 'LESBIAN' because she wants Santana to come out and show who she is no matter what or who she does. Brittana never fully came out, but Brittany stayed in her other relationship with Artie Abrams and Santana goes out with David for a while and they form The Bully Whips to bring Kurt back to the school so it was a false relationship for Karofsky and Lopez.

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