General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: March 15th 1997
Height: 5'4 (i grew!! hooray!)
Weight: 106 lbs
Address: United States
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Katie, Katie my lady (by Buffy)
Family & Friends
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 sisters that live at home, 1 sis who's all grown up, etc.
Relationships: Kurt Hummel (pretend ex-hubby)
Friends: Wiki friends and 20 real life friends (i made new friends!)
Pet(s): Pet rock named Leo
Enemies: Cats (damn them!!! I like them, kinda, but they all hate me)
Other Informations
Snorkeling, watching glee, etc.
Clique: Nerds, Losers, etc.
Education: 8th grade, Middle school
Talent: Playing the oboe (i made first chair for an honors middle school band this year!)
Series Information
First appearance: 3-15-97 (15-3-97 for those other folks)
Last appearance: Hopefully 100 years from now
Portrayer: Me!
thumb|200px|right|makes me laugh :D
Katie pumpkin

Glee me Kurt=love (aka Katie)

thumb|200px|right|Glee+me+Kurt=love's favorite glee song

Glee+me+Kurt=love is an active user on the Glee Wiki and a huge Kurt fan. She ships Hevans, Klaine, Puckleberry, Finchel, and more. she wias "married" to Kurt Hummel and loves to comment on things.

About HerEdit

  • She loves the color neon orange
  • Shes in LOVE with Kurt Hummel
  • She hates Rachel trying to get Finn back (It just looks pathetic)
  • She loves snow
  • She HATES seafood
  • She HATES peanut butter
  • She hates Kurtofsky
  • She plays the oboe
  • She loves chinese food
  • She has blue eyes
  • She hates people who think Klaines going to end and Hevans is going to last forever (If Hevans does happen, it wont last)
  • She met Hilary Duff (long story)
  • Candy lover :D
  • NEVER ever says no if someone asks her if she wants gum
  • Hates people with homophobia
  • Loves how Burt loves his son (hes the best father in law :D)
  • Hates it when 5-11 year olds cuss and try to act cool (its just annoying, in my opinion)
  • Hates bugs
  • Loves orange tic tacs
  • Loves to snorkel (i feel like a mermaid when i swim with the fishies!!)
  • loves tropcial fish (i had 2 gold fish before named cosmo and wanda, but they died :( when i was in 2nd grade)
  • Loves GRANNY SMITH APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Loves oreos with milk!!!
  • Me love to paint pictures
  • Hates rachel berry (dont even get me started)
  • Shes loves cows (thats where the MOO in mootz comes from. the t and z come from my 2 friends Taylor and Zoey)
  • Hates all but 2 of the preps at her school (they look at me like I'm crap!)
  • Loves woodstock (snoopys bird friend)
  • Loves loves loves loves ski ball :)
  • Loves winnie the pooh and eeyore (idk if i spelled his name right)
  • Loves the Vlad todd series (I hated the way the last book ended :(. so sad)
  • Scared of goats at the petting zoo (one time they cornered me into a fence and tried to attack me to get the milk from a bottle i had. It mad me cry. It was soooooooooooo scary!!)
  • Hates animal heads (they are so gross. I cant eat if I'm in a room with them on the wall)
  • Loves diet orange cake
  • Loves chocolate covered bananas
  • Klaine
    She can put both legs behing her head

More will be coming soon


I like eveyone on the glee wiki, but these are the people who talk to me the most (in no order)

awkward hand holding is so cute!

Ms. Artie Abrams




Mr. Santana Lopez

Quinn Dianna Gleek

Mrs. KurtHummel

Team Doof


BeatlesgLee Fan








She is one of the most awesomest people you can meet on this (or any other) wiki.


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