(Note: This is only for fun and fake)

Finn Hudson and Emma West got married on Jan 9th 2011.

The ProposalEdit

Finn & Emma had been dating for 2 months then on a Friday night date Finn asked Emma to marry him and Emma of course said yes

The RingEdit

It was a BIG REALLY BIG diamond ring

The planningEdit

The wedding planning told a month but it turned out great

The weddingEdit

Emma and Finn flew the glee club and the glee wiki members to Paris and Emma & Finn got married at a small garden



The ReceptionEdit

We celebrated at a new hotel near the beach called "The Romance Hotel" The Glee Club sung Just The Way You Are & Marry You for our first dance

The FoodEdit

Either a chicken wrap or a seafood feast. Finn and Emma both had the chicken wrap

The CakeEdit

Emma and Finn wanted to confused everyone and instead of doing a big romantic cake they made a big skeleton cake

Thank You NotesEdit

Thank you all for coming you are the best people

Written By Finn Hudson and Emma Hudson



The Cake

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