General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Browny
Birthday: 30/12
Address: You wanna know? Too bad
Occupation(s): Primary School
Aliases: Lemme see...
Family & Friends
Family: My family is too secret for your eyes
Relationships: Why would you wanna know?
Friends: Justine, Amy, Michaela, Hayley, Gemma, Diana
Pet(s): Roger (dog)
Employer: My teacher
Employees: YOU
Enemies: Not that I know of...
Other Informations
Art, Daft Punk, SPAGHETTI!, the colour gold (GOLD PAWNS)
Clique: Year 6's
Education: School.
Talent: Art, Singing, Acting and Dancing.
Awards: Not that I know of...
Series Information
First appearance: Dec 30 (insert year starting with a "19" ending with a "99")
Last appearance: Either when Glee gets cancelled or when Daft Punk die.
Portrayer: If you think you'll get that info, I will tell you this "IN YOUR DREAMS"


'Dr.Stinky' is an 11 year old girl who is Australian (Australia is awesome!).

She is a gleek and likes cartoons. Her favourite movies are Interstella 5555 and The Simpsons Movie. She likes Daft Punk and MJ. Her favourite colour is Gold and her favourite shade is Black. She has a pet dog named Roger and she loves Spaghetti. Her favourite TV shows are Glee, How I Met Your Mother and The Simpsons. Right now, her profile pic is one of Interstella 5555. Her last avatar was of Quinn, Santana and Brittany as Harry Potter characters. Her nicknames are Stinkmeister and Stinky poo. She calls herself Dr.S because it sounds awesome. Her favourite Glee character is Brittany, her favourite Simpsons character is Homer and her favourite HIMYM character is Robin. She likes to put pictures on pages on the Glee Wiki. She watchs DVDs in her spare time. Her favourite Daft Punk album is Homework. Her favourite colour is Gold. Her name is Darcy. She believes that Quinn Fabray is secretly a vampire.

Other than Glee, she watches The Simpsons, HIMYM and Round the Twist

Friends on Glee WikiEdit


In her spare time, she writes fanfics. They are:

She writes these for fun.

Glee CrushesEdit

  1. Sam
  2. Puck
  3. Artie
  4. Blaine
  5. Carl

Fav Glee GirlsEdit

  1. Quinn
  2. Santana
  3. Tina
  4. Britt
  5. Did I forget to mention Quinn?

Her Top 5 Episodes of GleeEdit

  1. Rumours
  2. I Am Unicorn
  3. Asian F
  4. Sexy
  5. Funeral

Favourite ShippingsEdit

  1. Quinntana
  2. Faberry
  3. Brittana
  4. Quick
  5. F*ck
  6. Fabrevans
  7. Finchel
  8. Hevans
  9. Fabang
  10. Fierce

Least Favourite ShippingsEdit

  1. Klaine
  2. Bartie
  3. Tike
  4. Samcedes
  5. Fabson
  6. Luck
  7. Pezberry
  8. Pieberry

Glee FirstsEdit

Episode: Showmance (A gleek since the beginning)

Ship: Finchel

Favourite character: Finn

Song heard: Don't Stop Believin'

Favourite episode: Vitamin D

Current Glee FavouritesEdit

Ship: Quinntana

Favourite character: Quinn

Favourite song: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Favourite Episode: Rumours


She is heaps into horoscopes and that stuff. She is a:


Year Of The Rabbit

Favourite Characters in GeneralEdit

Brittany Pierce

Homer Simpson

Robin Scherbatsky

Quinn Fabray

Barney Stinson

Santana Lopez

Sam Evans

Fave Daft Punk songsEdit




Face To Face

One More Time

Something About Us

Digital Love

High Fidelity


Funk Ad (Backwards Da Funk)



Rollin' And Scratchin'

Rock And Roll

Fave Glee SongsEdit

Pilot: Don't Stop Believin'

Showmance: Take a Bow

Acafellas: Bust Your Windows

Preggers: Taking Chances

The Rhodes Not Taken: Last Name

Vitamin D: It's My Life/Confessions

Throwdown: Keep Holdin' On

Mash-Up: Sweet Caroline

Wheels: Dancin' By Myself

Ballad: I'll Stand By You

Hairography: True Colors

Mattress: Jump

Sectionals: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Hell-O: Hello

The Power Of Madonna: Express Yourself

Home: Fire

Bad Reputation: Run Joey Run

Dream On: Safety Dance

Theatricality: Bad Romance

Journey: Faithfully

Audition: Billionaire

Britney/Britney: Me Against The Music

Grilled Cheesus: One Of Us

Duets: River Deep- Mountain High

Rocky Horror Glee Show: Time Warp

Never Been Kissed: Teenage Dream

The Substitute: Forget You

Furt: Marry You

Special Education: (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (please don't kill me)

A Very Glee Christmas: Merry Christmas Darling

The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle: Thriller/Heads Will Roll

Silly Love Songs: PYT

Comeback: Somebody to Love

Blame It On The Alchohol: TiK ToK

Sexy: Landslide

Original Song: Trouty Mouth

A Night Of Neglect: I Follow Rvers

Born This Way: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Rumours: Songbird

Prom Queen: Friday

Funeral: Pure Imagination

New York: Still Got Tonight (Just to prove that I can be different)

The Purple Piano Project: Anything Goes

I Am Unicorn: I Am The Greatest Star

Asian F: Cool

Some StoriesEdit

How She First Discovered Daft PunkEdit

When she was 8, she was watching a music video show. The One More Time video was on. She was raving about it. Then, 2 years later, she became obsessed with them


She was in a roleplay with her younger family friends. She had to be a robot and a scientist.

How she discovered Glee WikiEdit

It all started when she was lurking the IMDb board. One of the threads had a link to the wiki. She kept tuning in for spoilers as an anon but then she decided to get off her lazy butt and join.

Art FilesEdit

She loves art, so she loves her pictures

Photo Gallery (She would not mind if you edit)Edit

So yeah, Dr.Stinky's in da house!


Her siggy is this: GryffindorSlytherinRavenclawHufflepuff 07:06, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

Funny VideosEdit

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