Normal 05
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Browny-blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 30/12/1999
Family & Friends
Family: Aunt Poof (mother), Star (sister), Gaby (Cousin), Ikki (Cousin), Roxy (Cousin), Luna (Cousin), Anna (Cousin), Katie (Cousin), Evil (Cousin) Trevor (Uncle), Buffy (Aunt)
Friends: Wilson
Pet(s): Unnamed pet squirrel
Series Information
First appearance: Abuse of Evil
Portrayer: Dr.Stinky
Darcy Sauls is a character in Ms.Artie Abrams's Glee wiki crack fic. She is the cousin of Roxy, Ikki, Evil, Gaby, Luna, Katie and Anna, the niece of Aunt Denise and Buffy and Trevor, the sister of Star. She first appears in Abuse of Evil. She is portrayed by Dr.Stinky.



Wilson is her annoying partner. They annoy people.

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