Damian Mcdonald
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: December 30
Height: 5ft8
Occupation(s): Highschooler
Aliases: Damo (the football team)
Family & Friends
Family: Mr.Mcdonald (father), Mrs.Mcdonald (mother, deceased)
Relationships: Lindsay Tyler (ex-girlfriend)
Layla Scott (ex-girlfriend)
Paige McAdams (crush)
Friends: Paige McAdams
Franklin Mchale (occaisionally)
DJ Pierce
Chris Overstreet
Enemies: Layla Scott
Franklin McHale (occaisionally)
Other Informations
Football, Basketball, Singing
Clique: Jocks,Gleeks
Education: William Mckinley High School
Talent: (see intrests)
Vulnerabilities: N/A
Series Information
First appearance: New New Directions (Part 1)
Portrayer: Brittany (Littlemissbrittany888)

Damian Mcdonald is a character in ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE's fanfiction.

Early LifeEdit

Damian's mother died shortly after childbirth, and after his father got older, Damian had to start taking care of him. Damian then started to going to William Mckinley High and soon became quaterback of the football team.

Life At MckinleyEdit

In chapter 1, Damian is seen by Mr,schuester singing along to the cheerio's routine of All I Do Is Win , which makes Mr.Schuester want him to join.

In chapter 2, Mr.Schuester tries to convince Damian to join the glee club, but Damian is hesitant. Then, after his girlfriend Layla doesn't show up with his car, causing him to walk home in the rain, Mr.Schuester finally convinces Damian to join. Later that night, he breaks up with Layla.

In chapter 3, when Damian joins the glee club, he sees his former girlfriend, Lindsay. After practice, Damian tells Lindsay that he still has feelings for her, causing her to run away.


Damian is one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet. He's fun, atheletic. He's never mean to anyone and will never be, unless he gets mad enough to.


Lindsay TylerEdit

Damian and Lindsay used to date, until she found out that Damian was messing around with Layla. causing Lindsay to break up with him.

Layla ScottEdit

Layla was the one who seduced Damian, making him kiss her, causing Lindsay and Damian to break up.Damian and Layla soon started dating after Damian and Lindsay broke up. They maintained a pretty good relationship, until Damian broke up with Layla in chapter 2.

Paige McAdamsEdit

Damian and Paige were friends for a really long time, causing them to develop a small crush on each other, but no one knew that the other liked each other, so they just keeped it at a firends level.

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