General Information
Gender: female
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Eye Color: brown
Family & Friends
Relationships: Oritse Williams (he'll be my husband one day!!)
Friends: Pucktana88
Pet(s): Caleb (dog)
Other Informations
wikis, Oritse Williams!
Series Information
Portrayer: Me!!!
Cora90 is a british girl who loves glee. Her main ships are miketana, brittana and quick. Apart from glee her fave show is Victorious. Her favourite chartacter is Tori.

--Tori Malto, my signature is dedicated to my glee wiki crack family character Tori Malto.

Oritse WilliamsEdit

I love this guy so much! He is amasing and gorgeous and quite frankly I love him! Oritse I love you more and more and more everyday!

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