Clara Simmons
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 19/12
Occupation(s): student


Aliases: Clara
Family & Friends
Friends: Melissa, Anna, The Sauls Family
Other Informations
Clique: cheerios
Talent: athletics
Strengths: class


Weaknesses: boys.... (their so cute)

Chocolate (hm.. so tatsy)

Awards: good cheerleader
Series Information
First appearance: chapter: 5
Portrayer: Heather (Quam1992)

Clara is a friend of the triplets in the well known "crack family". Clara loves athletic activities as she is a cheerio.

Clara and lucy

Chapter 5 of the Crack FamilyEdit

Anna raves about Sam and Gabby is panting over Artie and they are so distracted that they bump in to Clara and Melissa, they start talking and introduce themselves as they meet the rest of the clan and grow fond of them all. Clara and Melissa have to go to Cheerleading practise and Anna is upset because she wants to be a cheerleader to. Melissa is a cheerleader to and Clara is a really good friend to her and Melissa is a really good friend to Clara as they walk around together.

Chapter six Crack FamilyEdit

Clara is mentioned in Chapter six of Ms. Artie Abrams Glee wiki Crack Family. At the start it tells you that Anna finally gets the chance to join the cheerios and she does. Sadly it comes with consequences and Sue makes poor Anna go through pain like never before. Not all is bad though, as Anna gets to hang out with her friends (Clara and Melissa) more and she gets to have a little romance with Sam Evans.

Chapter 7 of the Crack FamilyEdit

Clara is in Chapter 7 of Ms. Artie Abrams Glee Wiki Crack Family. Anna is so happy and Clara asks why because she was so out during cheerio practise. Anna says there is no reason for her joy, but Gaby knows it's because of Sam Evans and Clara agrees with her. It later comes out that Sam and Anna are an extremely happy couple so Clara and Melissa were positively correct all the while long.

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