Buffy Celeste Sauls
Diana agron as madonna
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: Green-Hazel
Birthday: 10th of December
Height: 5'6
Weight: idk..
Address: Somewhere in Lima Ohio
Occupation(s): Interior Designer
Aliases: Mommy

Sexy Lady

Sexy Women

Sexy Mother

Family & Friends
Family: Trevor (Husband)

Gaby (Daughter)

Roxy (Daughter)

Luna (daughter)

Katie (Daughter)

Ikki (Son)

Beth (Baby She gave up in High School)

Relationships: Trevor- Husband

Kimmy- Girlfriend; Sex Slave

Noah Puckerman- Affair (Yes they have Fucked)

Friends: If Noah Puckerman counts as 'Friends' then yes. They're 'Friends'
Employer: Umm, She's the Boss Bitches
Employees: Every one of You!
Enemies: Anyone Ugly.
Other Informations


Being Sexy

Being a Bitch

Clique: Populars (In High School)

Sexy People.

Education: She doesn't remember. All she remembers is Being Popular, and having a bastard Child.
Talent: Singing



Being Sexy


Vulnerabilities: she doesn't know yet. But she was Quite Vulnerable around Noah Puckerman..
Strengths: Sex

Being a Bitch

Being Sexy

Weaknesses: Her Kids. They drive her Mad!
Awards: Honour Roll

Sexiest Women Alive.

Series Information
First appearance: The First Chapter
Last appearance: Unknown
Portrayer: Buffy Celeste Blake


Buffy Celeste Sauls Is the (sexy, hot) Mother in Ms. A's Fanfiction. She is Married To Trevor, and they have 5 kids. She is Very Sexy, Promiscuous, and speaks four languages: English, Sarcastic, Dirty (talk) and Bitch.

Before The FanficEdit

Buffy was raised as the popular, beautiful, sexy: Buffy Celeste Woods ( She was HEad Cheerleader, Bitchy, Popular. Every girl wanted to be her, every guy wanted to do her (Most did :P)

She met Trevor, they got married, had some kids. And was named the Sexiest Women Alive.

She got bored with her Life in the Big City, So She made her Husband give up his job so they could move back to his Home town: Lima, Ohio.

During The Fan fiction.Edit

In Chapter one, Buffy and her family is awoken early in the morning. She looked as Lovely as always. Blah blah blah, they moved.

She isn't seen or heard in chapter two.

In Chapter 3, Buffy picked her kids up from school. She entered the school and everyone was shocked by her beauty and sexiness. Gaby, and the rest of her kids were embarrased so they got Gaby to talk to her.

A Few Minutes Later Buffy met Noah Puckerman. They flirted, he put on his bad boy charm and had won her over. Then they dissapeared for a few hours. (They were having Sex) Buffy came back, and made the kids leave imedietly (Puck was bad, if you know what I mean...)

In Chapter 4 She had to leave early because she had a previous engagement (To have Sex with Puck)

In Chapter 5 Buffy went to pick her kids up from school, and met the popular: Kimmy Miller. They had an instant connection, and decided to have sex, in the bathroom stalls.


Buffy is a straight up Bitch! She still acts like that Stuck up Ice Queen Princess Popular Bitch she was in high school. She likes the power, and uses it to her advantage.

She is quite promiscuous, and likes to experiment. But secretly she just wants to be loved, and hasn't been shown this affection since her first love in high school. But recently she has been treated nice and sweetly by Kimmy.


Trevor Sauls.Edit

Trevor and Buffy are Husband and wife, but aren't happily married. They are always fighting and yelling (and Buffy is always picking up guys)

Trevor does care about her enough to be her needs first (like moving to Ohio, which he didn't want to do)

Noah PuckermanEdit

Buffy and 'Puck' met when she went to pick up her kids from glee club.

He put on his bad boy charm and it won her over. (by won over, I mean they had sex)This is Only the start to their relationship.


  • Buffy believes she is attracted to him, because he reminds her of a former guy she fell for.

Kimmy MillerEdit

Kimmy and Buffy met when she was picking up her kids from school. They clicked and went and had sex in the Boys Bathroom (They gave them boys a 'show' :P). They have continued their Sexual relationship, and Buffy has made Kimmy her Sex Slave.


I'm so glad we're moving because we seem crazy right now!

—Buffy, Abuse of the Bullhorn

The mothers here act like they've never seen a sexy woman before

—Buffy, Abuse of the Motherhood

Am I in the right room? Kids! Kids! Aw shit! Where are you?

—Buffy, Abuse of the bullhorn

I'm not sure which one was hotter,

—Puck (about Buffy and Gaby), Abuse of the Motherhood

Buffy: Lets Go Ki-...May I ask who are you?

Puck: Name's Noah Puckerman, But call me Puck or anytime.

Buffy: When Do I call?

Puck: Free anytime, anywhere.

Buffy: Come. Before you 'call my daughter,' I'd like to see what she's working with.

—Buffy and Puck, Abuse of the Motherhood

Come kids, that boy sucked.

—Buffy (to her kids), Abuse of The Motherhood


  • Secretly (Like Her Daughter Roxy) She just wants to be loved.
  • Shows hatred toawrds her kids because she likes the power, and it reminds her of her high school days where she was The HBIC. (and she misses that)
  • Has had sex 17459 times in the last year. 120 times have been Noah Puckerman, in the past week.
  • Has Been votes Sexiest Women Alive, 27 years in a row.
  • First Won Sexiest Women alive when she was 5.
  • Much to everyones surprise, she is a devoted christian, and was once a Celibate for many years.

Pictures of BuffyEdit

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