Barbra Joan Hudson
Victoria Justice-1-
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Bee (everyone), Nose (Kylie)
Family & Friends
Family: Finn Hudson (father), Rachel Berry (mother;deceased), Jackie (sister)
Relationships: Tucker Evans (crush)
Friends: Rory Mcdonald, Chandler Abrams, Christian Abrams
Enemies: Jackie (they both like the same boy), Kylie Evans, The Cheerios.
Other Informations
Singing, Her Mother, Ballet, Musicals
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Strengths: Vocal Range
Series Information
First appearance: Chapter 1
Portrayer: N/A

Barbra "Bee" Joan Hudson is a character in ILOVEBRITTANYPIERCE'S fanfic. She is the youngest daughter of the Hudson family.


Chapter 1Edit

Barbra first makes an appearence in Chapter 1 as Rachel and Finn's youngest daughter. It is revealed that she never knew her mother, because Rachel was killed 5 months after having her, and wants to learn more about her. Later in the story, Barbra signs up for the glee club, only to be slushied by The Cheerios.


I need to know (mom), dad. I just, can't go on living without knowing who my own mother is!

—Jackie, about her mother. (Chapter 1)

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