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This page wll be for BeatlesgLee Fan's opininions, day by day, while he's banned.

April 3thEdit

Crap. This sucks. I can't comment or edit. First, I said "OK, two weeks. No big deal". But, now, I find out that the admin ATF banned for 3 WEEKS. "<sarcasm>YAY, I'M BANNED FOR 3 WEEKS</sarcasm>. Now, I'm really down. I also feel that all my reputation went down when I wrote that blog. But, I say and I won't stop saying it: IT WAS AN UNFAIR BAN. The only thing I did wrong was threathen ATF with making a bad review.

Well, that's all for today.

Why do I hate all main pairs? I DON'T KNOW FABSON, HEVANS AND ALL NOT-MAIN PAIRS ROCK 22:31, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

April 28thEdit

After a long time, I am back! I am tired. Mr.SL and Dani99 are helping me. Everyone else is: You did it. ADMIT IT. I didn't do it. I don't wanna mess with more problems. So, I am just gonna wait until June 24th. I mean, all the ones who were with me are gone with the wind (LOL, I like JK about this :P). Still, IDGAF if everyone hates me. I just wanna win someone's friendship again: Ms. Artie Abrams. I just love her. She's very sweet and nice, and, I wanna be with her. But, she hates me. Like everyone else.

You may think I am a bitch and a liar A stupid, homophobic BUT I AM NOT 16:41, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

May 12thEdit

AND I AM BACK AGAIN! I hope I don't get banned again. I think a lot of things happened on the Glee Wiki. Still, I won't give up until justice and truth come to the Wiki. If it happens, I will thank God a MILLION OF TIMES. I mean, life has been really un-fair to me this months.

You may think I am a bitch and a liar A stupid, homophobic BUT I AM NOT 23:51, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

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