Audball2108 aka Audrey is a 17 year old girl who lives in Ohio and is a 3 year varisty cheerleader for her school and a choir and show choir member. She loves singing, dancing, acting, and writing. Her favorite show is Glee, and her favorite Glee character is Brittany Pierce.

Audrey L.
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: January 18, 1994
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125
Address: 123 Chocolate Road, Ohio
Occupation(s): Babysitter
Aliases: The Biggest Brittana Shipper Ever,

Aud, Audball, Lena (German name - German class only)

Family & Friends
Family: Missy (mom), Tony (dad), Libby (sister), Eric (brother-in-law), AJ (brother).
Relationships: Mike (Ex-boyfriend)

Ben (Ex-boyfriend) Wesley (Currently "talking"/Crush)

Friends: Abby, Kaley, Chelsie, Jen, Maddy, Mandy, Alexa, Rebecca, Katie, Nicole, and many, many more!
Pet(s): Samantha the cat, Maggie the dog, Bernie the puppy
Enemies: Justin Bieber. I hate that bitch.
Other Informations
Singing, acting, varsity cheerleading.
Clique: Varsity cheerleader, choir member, show choir member, National Honor Society member.
Talent: Singing, dancing, writing, acting, cheerleading
Strengths: Smartness, singing voice, social skills
Weaknesses: Self-image, type 1 diabetes

Audrey currently ships many couples. The couples that she ships are:

  • Brittana!!!!!!

    Audrey's favorite characters/ship

  • Luck
  • Quam
  • Tartie
  • Klaine
  • Finchel
  • Wemma


Audrey's favorite singer is Katy Perry

Audrey's favorite singer is Katy Perry and her favorite color is lilac.

More will come later <3

Audrey's side note: Don't add pics without consulting me first. It's my page, not yours.

Audball2108 02:10, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

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