Anna-Maria Sauls
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: dyed blonde; formally choclate brown
Eye Color: Green; hazel contacts
Birthday: May 30 1995
Height: 5"8
Weight: skinny
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Anna (friends and family); Babes (Sam)
Family & Friends
Family: Bleghh!


Trevor Sauls (Dad)

Buffy Sauls (step-mam)

Tshering "Ikki" Sauls (Half Brother)

Roxy Sauls (Half sister)

Gaby Sauls (Half sister)

Luna Sauls (Half sister)

Katie Sauls (Half sister)

Relationships: Sam Evans (crush)
Friends: Glee Club


Melissa Summers

Enemies: Quinn Fabray

Mercedes Jones

Other Informations



Clique: Gleeks


Education: McKinley High School
Talent: Singing


Series Information
Portrayer: Gossip Girl

Anna-Maria Sauls is a character featured in Ms. Artie Abrams' fanfic.


Early LifeEdit

Anna was the secret child to Bleghh!!! and Trevor but because Trevor was married to Buffy, she was kept a secret. She lived with Bleghh!! for most of her life until he had enough and told everyone about Anna. Anna then moved in with her other father and his family. She wasn't shy and made quick friends with her new siblings.

Move to LimaEdit

In chapter one, Anna is rudely woken up by Trevor. She reminds him of his old relationship with Bleghh!!!

In chapter two, Anna and Roxy were the only siblings not to be slushied or attacked on the first day of school, thanks be to God, she thought. She tries out for Glee Club along with her siblings, singing Landslide. She joins the club, much to the dismay of Rachel Berry

In chapter three, Anna is not seen or mentioned.

Like in chapter three, Anna isn't seen or mentioned in chapter four.

In chapter five, Anna befriends Melissa and Clara but they are Cheerios. Anna wants to be on the Cheerios and Quinn Fabray tells her she should try out with her sisters but according to Anna, "Gaby is as flexible as twig. Roxy wouldn't be caught dead in a cheerleading uniform. And Luna and Katie are artists, not athletes." Quinn tells her to try out by herself and she does after Glee Club.


Anna is honestly a bitch. She is very confident and outgoing and loves blackmailing people. Only the people who know her well can really see how kind and caring she is on the inside.


Sam EvansEdit

Anna is dating the quarterback of the football team. It's kinda sterotypical: quarterback dates head cheerleader. He loves her for who she is and stands up for her and her siblings.

Songs She Likes And Wants To SingEdit

  • Gravity by Pixie Lott
  • Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott
  • Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri
  • Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J
  • What The Hell by Avril Lavigne


I have no mother!

—Anna Sauls

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